The new Fifty Shades trailer reveals the moment we've all been waiting for: babies.

Well, it’s about bloody time.

The latest trailer for Fifty Shades Freed has revealed that we’re finally going to get what we all came here for… babies.

Yep, babies.

Because we didn’t sit through two, soon to be three, movies about the sexual fantasies of a man named Christian Grey and a woman named Anastasia Steele, not be handed a tiny, little bebe in the end.

In the third (and hopefully final) instalment of the Fifty Shades sex dungeon franchise things are going to get a lil’ bit white picket fences on us.

Christian and Anastasia get married.

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She wears a white dress (yep, a white dress).

She insists on being referred to as Mrs Anastasia Grey. Which is probably the most vomit-inducing moment/s of the whole series.

And finally, Anastasia finds out that she’s pregnant.

How this happens we don’t know as Christian seemed to be injecting her with some kind of birth control in the books. But hey, let’s not let the facts get in the way of good porno movie.

So yeah, there’s going to be a Fifty Shades baby in 2018. Fun times.

Fifty Shades Freed comes out on February 14th because love, people, love.

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