Fifi Box opens up about pregnancy and motherhood for the first time.

We all know and love Fifi Box for her fun and friendly demeanor on her daily radio show with Jules Lund on the Today Network, her work as Sunrise’s hilarious entertainment editor, and for being a new mum to super cute Trixie Belle (who received booties knitted by the Prime Minister, FYI) – this kid is going places.

Fifi had an incredibly candid chat with Monty Dimond from Show + Tell this week and discussed her childhood, many extra-curricular activities and growing up in the Box Household:

“We had paddocks and there were horses, trees to climb, little bonfires to make — Mum and Dad didn’t know about that.”

She also spole about her very strong bond with the most important women in her life, her mum and grandma:

“For me, my granny and mum are two of the strongest women I’ve ever known. I could not have had any stronger role models than those two women.”

Fifi also opened up about her parents’ divorce, which took place  when she was 10-years-old:

“They made it really easy but I struggled at the time, and I don’t even remember necessarily how much of it I struggled because I think you block a lot of it out.”

Fifi also discussed her difficult pregnancy, and is quick to point out that Kate Middleton totally copied her with the whole hospitalization for morning sickness thing.

“I was hospitalized, on a drip, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t get off the couch… never through the whole pregnancy did I feel good.”

She also spoke about life as a single mum, and about the village of support she’s lucky enough to have:

For me, motherhood is my soul… I’ve always felt it would be very natural and I’ve always felt I’m very maternal anyway – so for me, it’s the biggest blessing.

And of course – about the time she saw Trixie for the first time…

I felt the bond with her pretty much from the get-go.

Thanks to Show + Tell for these videos. You can check out their On the Couch series for more interviews with awesome Aussie women.