These inspiring celeb body positive quotes will surprise you.







Your mum might say some smart stuff about body image. Your best friend may give you self-confidence a boost. Your doctor may be preaching the gospel truth about taking care of yourself. But if the truth be known, it doesn’t always hit home until a celebrity says it. They are rich, popular and talented after all – they must be doing something right – who wouldn’t take their advice?

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is brought to you by our partners at Fernwood Fitness. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

So, here is a collection of cool body positive quotes by celebrities* that make sense and you should take on board:


“Box gap is not a thing. If you need to back up to a mirror and bend over to find out how you look, you are playing to the wrong audience.”

– Mickey Thyson, boxer and theatre critic





“If anyone tries to give you feedback on the appearance of your nether regions, they have revoked all rights to visit there. Borders closed. Sanctions imposed.”

– Major L. Abeya, first person to bring peace to the Middle East Region (and the Middle South Region)




“Brand label exercise wear is not essential. Looking good while you are exercising is an oxymoron. You are going to look rubbish. So why wear pants that ride up your crotch?”

– Laura Joan, sportswear designer and wedgie-hater




“If it is clean and it fits, wear it. Actually, if it is clean wear it. Forget that. Just wear it.”

– Thursday Pineapple Sprinkles, super smart person and daughter of a celebrity couple.




“Role models are fine. Roll models are better. Anyone who can do a forward roll is pretty awesome in my book.”

– Ripley Connor, role model with excellent neck strength




“Bra, shoes, deodorant. Everything else is details.”

– Ginnifer Goodscents, a smart, supported actor who smells good





“Models are specially built for hanging clothes on. Like coat hangers. WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A COAT HANGER? They are pokey and you can never find them when you need them and people leave them in cupboards when they move house.”


– Angela Jolly, refugee advocate and person with unnatural fear of cupboards.




“You wouldn’t steal a handbag, so why beat yourself up?”

– A person who writes confusing cinema ads with many non-sequitors



* OK, so none of these people are actual celebrities. These are simply a list of things that you know and that you can tell yourself every day if they resonate with you. Because celebrities don’t know you any better than you know yourself. You don’t need to get your confidence or your wisdom from external sources. Work out your own truths about who you are and what is right for you and your body. Write it in a fancy font and pin it to your Pinterest board if it makes it more real to you. But most of all: say cool, supportive and smart stuff to yourself all the time – don’t wait for a celebrity (or anyone else) to say it.


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