This is what happens when a topless woman gatecrashes a Christmas Day mass.

Well, that’s one way to spend ChristmasFemen is a Paris-based exhibitionist women’s organisation that campaigns for the death of patriarchy. You know, the usual. You’ve probably seen them in the news at some point, since their preferred method of protest is sans clothing. (Hey – it gets them publicity, so…)

Anyway, on Christmas Day, Femen decided to stage a protest in Germany, by gate-crashing the catholic mass at the historic Cologne Cathedral.

A woman – topless, with the words “I am God” painted across her boobs (obviously) sprinted to the alter, jumped up on the table and started flailing her arms around in a totally sane manner until a bunch of priests dragged her away. It is pretty captivating viewing:

It’s not immediately clear what she was protesting, but Femen do strongly object to the catholic church’s longstanding opposition to abortion rights – so that may have something to do with it. Whatever the protest though, Femen were pleased as punch with the results, proudly tweeting these pictures:

Needless to say, the conservative Catholic crowd was not pleased.