Feast your eyes on these food ads... starring hot men

TV is filled with hot ladies in food commercials – to an almost ridiculous extent. But hot men in food ads? Not nearly so much.

Ad agencies, consider this our cry for more man candy. We’re consumers, and we like pretty people too.

Meanwhile, there have been a few major hotties in commercials over the years. Here, we compile a selection of some of the most gorgeous guys ever to grace food and drink advertisements – many of them, unfortunately, screened in the US and not here. But here they are for your viewing pleasure…

Channing Tatum for Mountain Dew 

Brad Pitt for Pringles

We all know Brad Pitt is a gorgeous specimen. But did you know he once starred in an ad for Pringles? 

Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World 

Silver fox fans everywhere are suddenly craving a cold beer (and a cold shower).

Kraft’s Hot Model

This image from Kraft’s “Let Get Zesty” ad campaign for its Zesty Italian Dressing is our idea of the perfect picnic. And we're not talking about the salad dressing…

Josh Button for Dr. Pepper 

Dr Pepper is gross, yes. But this model could sell ice to Eskimoes, so…

Vintage Diet Coke Beefcake 


We love the vintage playfulness — not to mention the abs — that come through in this amazing Diet Coke ad with totally enduring appeal. (Hey, advertising agencies: Are you listening?!)