The "OMG it's Father's Day on Sunday" gift guide.

Just realised that it’s Father’s Day on Sunday? Us too.

We love them more than just once a year.

But it always seems that we only remember THEIR day at the last moment.

Whether it is the man you call Dad. Or your Father-in-Law. Or your brother. Or your partner. This Sunday is their day to celebrate them being a dad.

And because we could never tell them that we…maybe…kind of…forgot (because we don’t forget important dates…right?), here are some last minute gifts that you can organise with the few days remaining.

1. The DIY Instagram photo collage.

Image via A Beautiful Mess

One for the heartfelt, get-the-kids-involved, treasure-it-forever tick box.

All you need is some Instagram photos (or any photos really), craft paste and a canvas.

For more instructions go here.

2. Engraved cufflinks.

Geoffrey Beene Silver Square Cufflinks Via David Jones

Buy some plain cufflinks like these ones from David Jones ($59.95) and engrave them - maybe with the kids initials. Most engravers are pretty quick...and you can always treat yourself to a coffee while you wait.

3. A cool bag for work.

Zalora Canvas Satchel with Leather Trim from The Iconic

Satchels are on trend at the moment and are perfect to fit a laptop, iPad and notepad for work. Plus, they don't have to cost too much, the one pictured above is $54.95 from The Iconic (who do next-day delivery. Go! Go!)

4. A watch.

Daniel Wellington Classic St Andrews 40m from The Iconic

If you think he has been Dad of the Year, you can splash out and get him a trendy watch like this one for $269.00 from The Iconic.

5. A voucher to DO something really cool.

Turbo Rally Drive from Red Balloon

We are not talking the movies here (although that would be a good idea too). Get him a Red Balloon voucher to the Turbo Rally Drive to have 6 laps ($169). There are heaps of others if he isn't a car fanatic.

And if you don't mind making him wait a little bit...

6. A place to put all his things.

Docking Station from Jigsaw Furnishings on Etsy

If you can't dedicate a whole room for his 'Man Cave', then this is the next best thing. JigsawFurnishings at Etsy are selling them for $41.52. And you can always just print a picture and slide it in the card with a "this is on its way".

And finally...don't forget the good ol' favourite.

7. And sorry, but... socks and undies.

Happy Socks Boxer Dot Briefs and Ben Sherman Socks from The Iconic.

Works every time (briefs are $39.95 and socks are $24.95).

What are you getting for the Dad in your life?

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