Brace yourselves, 2014's fashion trends are completely awful.

Fashion Month – the weeks that span the New York, London, Milan and Paris runway shows, has just come to a close.

And it’s been a wild ride.

There were faux supermarkets, wheelchairs on catwalks, optical illusion dresses, and the now famous Kendall Jenner nipplegate scandal.

While most of the fashion was absolutely breathtaking, Dolce and Gabbana’s show for one, there was no shortage of awful fashion trends to hit the runway. Here’s a small sample of what you probably won’t be buying next autumn.

1. High heeled sneakers.


Adidas and Jeremy Scott have come together to create, what may be the ugliest shoe ever created, Gridiron lace up high heeled sneakers. Dear god.

2. Mustard nail polish.

May we present the latest must-have nail polish colour…mustard.

3. Rag ponytails.

While Karl Lagerfeld distracted us with the Chanel themed supermarket, and celebrity appearances, at his Autumn/Fall show, the hair that accompanied the collection momentarily eluded us.

Until now. The braid-dread-rag-ponytail is the uber-talented Sam McKnight’s creation, and while we can appreciate the incredible vision – we don’t think silk sausage hair extensions are likely to catch on.

4. Fur.

Yes, it’s an Autumn/Fall collection, and yes the U.S. has just been through a but we’d much prefer it if faux fur and feathers were used instead of the real deal. Ludicrious oversized fur coats were seen at both Alexander McQueen (above) and Tom Ford.

5. Puffy sleeves.

It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s worst nightmare realised. We don’t know a human alive who would suit this scale of puffy shirt.

6. Socks with heels.

Did you think the 2013’s socks with sandals trend was bad? Well, things have gone up a notch. The fashion forward thing to do with your socks now is to wear them with heels.

Combine it with the high heeled sneaker and Joan Rivers (from the E! channel’s Fashion Police show) will probably come for your head. Style muse Anna Dello Russo has already embraced it. It’s either amazing or terrible, we can’t tell anymore.

7. Vacuum packs.

One of Lady Gaga’s favourite designers, Iris van Herpen, closed fashion week by featured clothes worn by vacuum packed models. The question on everyone’s lips was not ‘Where can I buy that?’ but ‘Can those models even breathe?’

8. Gumboot-heel hybrid shoes.

What is it with the shoes this upcoming season? These spectacular gumboot heels with drawstring top come courtesy of Miu Miu. Tell us, would you wear ’em?

So high heeled sneakers/mustard nail polish/any of the above, yes or no? 

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