This family’s Halloween tradition will make you teary

OK, OK, I know you're probably feeling totally Halloweened out, but this story was just too beautiful not to share.

In fact, I dare you not to look at the photographs of Peyton McCubbin's homemade Halloween costumes and not get a little teary.

Twelve-year-old Peyton has a condition called schizencephaly. Her dad Ryan says "physically she's very similar to someone with cerebral palsy." She's wheelchair bound, so every year the family builds costumes around it. This year she's Princess Leia in a landspeeder.

"My wife and I build it all, and my dad provides technical support to help figure out materials and how to properly mount it on the chair so it won't fall off! We throw our best ideas to Peyton, and she picks which one she wants to be each year (though I think her brother swayed her this year)," Ryan told Huffington Post.

 2005: Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet

2006: Cinderella

2007: The Little Mermaid

2008: Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm

2009: Biker

2010: Chariot driver

2011: Santa


2012: Batgirl (with Captain America)


2013: Princess Leia in a landspeeder with Luke

Which of Peyton's outfits is your favourite? (Her mum likes the Flintstones, her dad's a fan of Santa and her brother is a Star Wars nut, so the current costume rocks his world. )

Check out these photos of other kids who nailed it on Halloween:



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