How growing your family changes your life.

One kid, two kids, three kids, four…  

We are a family of five. Not by design mind you, more by circumstance. See I am one of those annoying people who has never really planned anything. I was 24 when I had my first child and I have been joyfully freefalling ever since. Somewhere along the way we also acquired two more children, two boys, and we now stand as a family of five. This is considered large by today’s standards.

Yet what does the size of your family say about you? Does only having one child mean that you’ve got it easier? No, I doubt it. One thing I’ve realised is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to family size. There are of course, pros and cons. Let me count the ways.

Bathroom wars are a thing. 

Now I use this word loosely.

The bathroom of course encompasses the toilet and the general bathing area which all children need to have access to. Thing being, with one child and one toilet, the maths are pretty simple and divisible. Throw in two or more extra children into that mix and sometimes you find you are left with full-blown anarchy.

Pity the person who gets between a 7-year-old and his “sore tummy”. In fact, there might have been an incidence where one child had to go to the toilet where there was in fact, NOT an actual toilet available.

Sharing bedrooms is a mixed bag.

Presumably as an only child or even as a second child, many kids get their own bedroom to sleep in. Not  the case when you are involved in a larger family. Negotiations often take place, living arrangements are suitably “arranged” and people end up sharing a room and a bunk bed with someone they outwardly loathe (their sibling).

This is often a shared arrangement for many years and let’s face it, the reason so many of us left home as soon as we possibly could.


We're going to need a bigger...

Believe me, the minute you have more than three children, you will also find that you need a larger car and a larger house. Economically your life changes and whether you are ready or not, it requires quite the shift in lifestyle.

Maybe you never envisioned a life where you drove a mini van or lived in a double-story home with a study although, perhaps you did. Either way, a larger family requires more space. 

What's a Family ticket anyway?

What about the whole “Family ticket deal”? These are more often than not, aimed at a family of two adults and two children. Let’s face it this is inconvenient for everyone other than the perfect nuclear family.

HEY ticket sellers, things have changed, sometimes we are a family of two, sometimes we are the Duggars (pictured, top), accommodate us, yo.

I just want to be alone...

Depending on which kind of family situation your child finds themselves in (i.e. with no siblings or alternatively, too many freaking siblings) this is either a good or bad thing. I know one of my sons craves alone time. The other needs to be around sound, around people, constantly. I am unsure what the teenager thinks about this topic because that would require a conversation but I can hazard a guess that she’d choose the “alone time” scenario. Point being, in a small family you can be forced to have too much “alone time” whilst the sibling of a larger family can never quite get enough.

So what about you? Do you think there are advantages or disadvantages coming from a small family unit? Alternatively, are there pros and cons from being born into a larger family? I’d love to hear them.

What are the pros about the size of your family?