Family lives with plastic skeletons. Totally normal.

A New Friend
J.W. Ocker, author, webmaster of Oddest Things I’ve Seen and Halloween enthusiast (he and his family celebrate for a month and a half!), posted photos of his newest family members – plastic skeletons called “T” and “C” – and their normal, everyday lives.

We just had to wonder what kind of lovely life he and his family must live…


The Nightmare Before Christmas is their favourite film to watch together, for obvious reasons. Because everyone loves Christmas, duh!

Eating Breakfast

Eating Breakfast
They get a kick out of ironic cereal.

Dinner time


The upside to being a skeleton chef? You can’t get burned.

Running errands

A skeleton driving is a much safer alternative. We think?


Hanging decorations

Hanging Decorations
Don’t be deceived. The skeleton in the middle isn’t decor – that’s just sweet ‘ol Carl.

Movie night

Watching Movies
They try to avoid thrillers like Night of the Living Dead and The Skeleton Key.

Household chores

Mowing the Lawn
Without muscle mass we’re not sure how Carl can mow the lawn, but we’ll ask the questions after the yard work is done.

Time to relax

Pool-Side Relaxing
Without the floatie there could be disastrous consequences.


Trick or Treating
Because sheet-cut-out-like-a-ghost seemed too cliche.


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