We’re not sure how we feel about this holiday card

This might be the most amazing – and creepiest – Christmas card of all time.

Ho, ho… no!

We’re scratching our heads at this one: A family Christmas photo found on Imgur wherein the faces of the parents and children have been swapped. Let’s just say the result is, well, startling.

We’re not saying it’s the creepiest thing to happen at Christmas since that time your uncle drank too much punch and retold old war stories but… it might be.

Why or where or who or what or why; we have enough unanswered questions about this holiday face swap extravaganza to fill several therapy sessions, but instead we’ll just enjoy the joke and cross our fingers that when these cards were mailed out they didn’t cause any heart attacks for older relatives unfamiliar with the magic of Photoshop.

Then again, there is an Elf on the Shelf in the background; maybe this was just some holiday trickery he pulled this year? Fingers crossed.

Do you send Christmas cards?


If Santa saw these photos, he’d say ha-ha-ha instead of ho-ho-ho. From taking the annual holiday family photo in the nude to Santas with black eyes and a daddy in a onesie – these holiday cards are hilarious. And cringe-worthy.