Welcome to the world of extreme breastfeeding

It might still be taboo to breastfeed in public, but not for our readers… You won’t believe where some of these mums have fed their babies.

Most mums can recall several awkward locations at which they were forced to breastfeed, but when your baby is hungry, they are hungry. It’s not uncommon for mums to breastfeed in cars, in shopping centres, in cafes and it’s their legal right to do so.

A woman in Texas recently tried to breastfeed her baby while shopping in upmarket lingerie store Victoria’s Secret. New mum Ashley Clawson asked an employee if she could nurse in a dressing room but was told absolutely not, and directed to the nearest alleyway. That’s after spending $150 at the store.

Clawson Fox7 that she was humiliated by the encounter. “I was humiliated by the whole thing. “Once your child is hungry, there’s no going back.”

She aired her grievances on Facebook, writing:

I have to blast Victoria’s Secret at the Domain for telling me I wasn’t allowed to nurse my very hungry, fussy son in their fitting room after I spent a fair amount in their store. She actually told me to go outside and walk down an alley where no one ‘usually’ goes and nurse him. Seriously?!? Lost a customer for sure.

Breastfeeding mums continue to have to fight for their right to feed their child and they have powerful support. Pope Francis is the latest breastfeeding advocate and breastfeeding mums around the world applauded when he stated that it was okay for women to breastfeed in church. As far as he’s concerned, if your baby is hungry, feed them.

It was during a baptism service at none other than the Sistine Chapel that he encouraged the mums in attendance to feed their babies if they became hungry. He said, “Today the choir will sing but the most beautiful choir of all is the choir of the babies who will make a noise. Some will cry because they are not comfortable or because they are hungry,” he said during a brief homily. “If they are hungry, mothers, feed them, tranquilly. Because they are the protagonists here.”

Love it.

Before that he’d encouraged a new mum to breastfeed when he met her and her new baby. The baby was crying and when she explained it was because he was hungry, Pope Francis encouraged her to breastfeed him. He then added that it is perfectly okay for women to breastfeed wherever and whenever they need to, even in church during mass.

iVillage reader Kate told this story:

I breast fed in a food court at the mall once…. an old lady said “there’s a place in the rest room for that dear” to which I replied “would you eat your lunch in a toilet?” Yep, I was a milk bar open 24/7

Kate’s story is a common on. We know of mums who have been forced to breastfeed in toilets or express milk for later in work bathrooms and it’s outrageous that some mums feel so embarrassed that they are driven to it.

Stephanie had to breastfeed her baby in the middle of a shopping trip. She said:

On a seat in the shoe section of Kmart, once bub was on, I look up…hmmm I’m in the men’s section.. I could have at least chosen a seat in the ladie’s aisle

We’re pretty sure there’s evidence of this next breastfeeding story. When asked about the strangest place she breastfed Connie said, “In the theatre at Seaworld in front of 100 Japanese tourists!”

But it’s Taryn who gets our award for most daring breastfeeding stories. She said, “Orthodontist, whilst getting a pedicure and at Yoga!”

Lou clearly demonstrates the most skill with her answer, “While walking around Coles, doing the grocery shopping”. Gosh, if I witnessed that I’d probably start applauding. What skill!

Victoria’s proves just how brilliant mums are at multitasking. She said, “In the middle of an auction and while signing the documents to buy our first house. And on a peak-hour crowded train.”

Are you happy to breastfeed anywhere, any time. Is there anywhere you would NOT feed your baby?

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