Erotic fiction: This post is definitely not safe for work.

‘I’d spent half an hour choosing what to wear. Something sexy but not over the top.’

Her husband called her a prude and so she has set out to prove him wrong. Here is the fifth entry in Mamamia’s Erotic Fiction competition: ‘Jonathan’s Dare’ by Jax Wood. (You can read last week’s finalist here.)


I closed the venetian blinds and then picked up a box of matches and lit the candles dotted around the room. I dimmed the lights and briefly considered incense. No, too much. My eyes swept the lounge. I’d tried to give it an Arabian Nights feel with lush, patterned throws and soft cushions. I hoped I’d succeeded.

The clock by the television told me my guests would be here in ten minutes. I ran to the bedroom to check my appearance once more.

I’d spent half an hour choosing what to wear. Something sexy but not over the top. Finally I’d decided on a summery short blue dress with shoestring straps. No bra and just a g-string. I’d slipped on high heeled sandals that showed off my bare legs. My hair hung in loose curls around my shoulders. Calm down, Lia, I told myself.

The security buzzer chirped and I caught my breath. Was I really doing this? I could always back out. Pretend I wasn’t home. I gave myself one more look in the mirror. No, Lia, you are going to do this and you are going to love it. My pussy tingled and I gave my clit a quick touch through the silky fabric of my dress.

‘Come on up,’ I said into the intercom. I opened the door and waited.

Jonathan soon appeared hand in hand with a woman whose name I didn’t know but whose body I’d seen in his grainy home videos. She was lithe and tanned with long dark hair. A thin wrap-around dress hugged her curves and I could see she wasn’t wearing underwear.

I dragged my eyes away and looked at Jonathan. Looked at the man I had spent my teenage years lusting after and hadn’t seen since school. His blond hair was darker now, dirtier. A few lines touched his blue eyes. A casual lightweight jumper showed off his broad shoulders. I was filled with a deep familiar longing.

Jonathan gave me a slow seductive grin and it dawned on me that he’d been grooming me for this moment. All those months of cheeky emails and horny videos. All those dares he’d issued and made me do. All for this moment. I should have been angry but I wasn’t. I smiled back at him.

‘Come in.’ I stepped back.

I’d set up an ice bucket of champagne and some glasses on my coffee table.


The woman laughed. ‘Oh yes, please.’

Her voice was deep and throaty and the sound of it made my stomach flutter. Jonathan scanned the room.

‘Gorgeous flat, Lia.’

‘Thanks. It’s the one good thing that came out of my divorce.’

Jonathan smiled. ‘Until now.’

I raised my glass. ‘Until now.’

Two months ago.


I poured myself a glass of wine while the computer booted up. Usually I was out on Friday nights, cheering on the weekend with my friends but tonight was a special occasion. One that I wanted to celebrate on my own. I raised the glass. ‘Here’s to six months.’

Six months ago I discovered my husband fooling around a neighbour. When I’d asked him why, he’d spat back that I was unadventurous in bed. That he’d needed more spice.

What the hell did that mean? I thought to myself as I walked into my bedroom. I hadn’t known then and I still didn’t know. I peeled off my sweaty work clothes down to my undies and slipped on a tatty old t-shirt.

My ex and I had agreed to sell our house and I’d bought a flat not far from St Kilda Beach. If I craned my neck just so, I could see the water.

I sipped my wine and settled in front of the computer to wade through reams of spam for Viagra and penile extensions.

Then I went into Facebook. I’d only discovered social networking after the marriage collapse and was now busily catching up with people I hadn’t seen in years. I clapped in delight. A friend request. I clicked and waited.

Jonathan Dexter.

Just reading his name was enough to make my skin sizzle. I couldn’t believe my physical reaction long after I’d last seen him. When had that been? Twelve years ago at the VCE break up at the school gym. The one and only time I’d ever kissed him. He’d pulled me away from the party and into a storage cupboard.

‘Twelve years ago at the VCE break up at the school gym.’

‘Dare you to kiss me,’ he’d growled in my ear. I’d happily pressed my lips against his and been completely unprepared for the heat of his body. My chaste little kiss became a whirlwind of pent-up desire and our hands had taken the opportunity to explore.

One of his hands had slid up my school dress and was about to find its way down my undies when the door had rattled open. The assistant principal had yelled at us to get out and stay out. We’d lost each other at the break up party and had never seen each other again. Just remembering that moment had my body throbbing.

Overwhelmed with curiosity, I accepted his friend request and clicked onto his home page. There he was, older and slightly greyer, but still with that look in his eye.

Jonathan had never been that popular with the girls but he’d fascinated me. Most of the time he’d stood off to the side and watched. But I could always sense a darker side. There was a twinkle in his eyes that suggested he knew far more than anyone realised. Something I’d discovered in the storage cupboard.

His Facebook page said he was single and living in Sydney. My skin tingled as I clicked on his wall and decided what to write. A mischievous grin spread across my face.

‘Hi Jonathan. Been in any gym cupboards lately?’

Oh God, I was wet. I inched my undies down over my knees and my fingers went to work.

Jonathan Darcy.

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