What your favourite emoji says about you

These days I’m incapable of writing a text message without employing the expressive powers of emoji – that cute little picture language you can download for your smartphone. It’s bizarre because I managed to live over 20 years of my life without them, but now I can’t imagine communicating without inserting a kissy face or leaping dolphin at the end of my text.

Like any emoji-happy texter, I’m a creature of habit – while I’m not scared to throw in the occasional smiling blue moon, there are certain pictures I just can’t quit (sassy diva in the red flamenco dress, this one goes out to you).

If you can relate, here’s some happy news – you now have the chance to find out exactly what your favourite emoji reveal about you.

Brooklyn-based copywriter Dan Brill has created a Tumblr account called Emojinalysis, where he encourages people to tweet or email in their name, age and a screenshot of their recently used emoji for some in-depth “psychoanalysis”. And by “psychoanalysis”, I mean a hilarious interpretation of all the sinister personality traits and bad choices inherent in your selection of images and the order they appear in.

In his own words, Dan tells you “what’s wrong with your life”, but  he also provides support in the form of a prescribed emoji to help balance out all the skulls and happy cats you’ve been overdoing lately.

Speaking with The Daily Dot, Dan said the idea came to him after he noticed his ‘recently used’ section was full of  “booze, distressed faces and exploding things”, which made him question his stability.

“I realized you can tell a lot about what’s going on in a person’s life based on their recently used emoji … So I decided to handle this terrifying personal realization by analyzing other people instead. It’s helped,” he said.

Regardless of whether or not Dan’s analyses are psychologically sound (look, it’s entirely possible the regular use of the skull emoji denotes something macabre), they’re really quite amusing. Here’s just a small selection:

By now, you’ve probably almost broken your fingers in the rush to check out your own ‘most recents’. Mine include a bowl of spaghetti, those creepy dancing twin girls, a puppy, a glass of red wine, and my beloved flamenco lady. I’m not sure what grim truth that reveals about my personality, but it sounds like exactly the kind of house party I’d love to throw one day.

Go on – which emoji do you use most often?