19 moments Emma Stone WON hair

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If Kate Middleton holds first place in the ‘celebrities with the hair of our dreams’ list, Emma Stone would have to come in at a close second.

As if her cutting wit, smarts, loads of talent, famous friends (hey, Taylor Swift) and handsome superhero boyfriend weren’t covetable enough, 25-year-old Emma also has the kind of hair we pray for when entering the salon.

It doesn’t boast Gisele-calibre volume, nor  Blake Lively’s length (well, not naturally anyway), but Emma’s hair always looks cool and fun and unfussy. It seems only just out of reach for those of us without access to A-list stylists, rather than completely impossible.

The actress recently updated her look with some chest-length extensions, having debuted a bob only a few months ago when she was doing the press rounds for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Although we adored her short ombre hair, we’re really enjoying the longer look (and the floral purple dress she’s wearing in the photo above).

Emma’s no stranger to mixing up her hair, though. On the red carpets of the past couple of years she’s worn it red, light brown and blonde – which is actually her natural colour, despite the fact red hair has become her trademark since her breakout roles in Easy A and Superbad. It’s been straight, wavy, barrel-curled, braided, up, down, with a fringe and without one.

And every time she smashes it so far out of the park that even Spider-Man couldn’t fly fast enough to catch it.

Click through this gallery to see Emma’s best hair looks from the past two years:

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Which of Emma’s hairstyles do you love best?