FLUFF: Emma Stone calls out her Spiderman boyfriend for sexism.

Need another reason to love Emma Stone?

More specifically, do you need footage of the truly excellent moment when Emma gets all feminist on her superhero boyfriend in front of a room of tiny Spiderman fans?

Because we can hook you up with exactly that.

Emma and her Spiderman boyfriend and co-star Andrew Garfield (the pair star in Spiderman 2 together) were sitting at a Yahoo event with kids who love Spiderman. Andrew was asked who makes his Spiderman costume and his answer… well, it pretty much deserves it’s own #everydaysexism hashtag.

Watch Emma Stone interrupt and challenge him (AKA the process of winning our hearts).

So basically, in the video, Andrew Garfield implies that if Spiderman made his own costume, it’s a very feminine thing to do. Because we all know superheroes = masculinity. And sewing = femininity.

You may select your reaction from the following Emma Stone faces.

The Exasperated Emma.

The Incredulous Emma.

The Revolted Emma.

The Clucky Emma.

So many Emmas, so little time. Keep these reactions up your sleeve for next time a major male Hollywood actor says something incidentally sexist. It’s only a matter of days hours.

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the vast awesomeness of Emma Stone…

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