One of the Spice Girls desperately wants another child.

She found fame as Baby Spice in the UK pop group Spice Girls and now she wants another Baby Spice of her own!

Emma Bunton, 38, grew up in the spotlight as Baby Spice from the Spice Girls. The former singer has two children with her partner of 16 years, Jade Jones, but Baby Spice says she wants more.

The radio DJ has spoken to UK newspaper Daily Express about her desire for more children before she turns 40, but she’s honest about her chances at pregnancy.

“I do think I’d like to have another child before I turn 40 but it’s only if we’re lucky enough,” Emma said.

“Jade would have loads more children so he likes the thought of it too.”

Emma Bunton, also known as Baby Spice.

The pair's children - sons Beau, 7, and Tate, 3 - would love siblings, according to Emma. But for now, she says she feels very settled.

"Jade drops the kids off at school because I'm up at 5.15am. He does everything in the morning and then I'm generally home by the latest at midday which gives me the whole rest of the day for pick ups, homework and dinner," she said.

"It is pretty perfect."

While Emma is content with radio at the moment, she hasn't ruled out returning to music. And she even hinted at a Spice Girls reunion tour.

"Everything changes when you become a parent, even my work," she said.

"I love music and I hope it's not the end of it. Maybe, as (my kids) get older, I might do that again. I'd love to work with the Spice Girls again but who knows whether that will happen."

What do you think of Emma's comments on parenting? Would you be excited about a Spice Girls reunion tour? 

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