EM RUSCIANO: The reality TV re-cap is back.

Em Rusciano.


The Biggest Loser Next Generation kicked off last night and after I got over my initial disappointment that the trainers hadn’t been replaced with futuristic robots (as that is the first that sprung to mind when I heard “next generation) I settled in to watch parents and their grown-up kids start their weight loss journeys.

Reality TV word bingo starts now! “Journey” is numero uno.

First up Michelle, Shannon and The Commando attempted some inspector gadget action by secretly surveying what the contestants eat when they are in the privacy of their own homes. I’m not sure how many undercover agents get around in red Lycra crop tops and tight blue singlets but I was willing to go with it!

I also think the large white van emitting screeches of “ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST” may have been a give away but nonetheless we got the picture: the contestants all have appalling eating habits.

Team Richard and Amber even went so far as to high five each other after they had polished off 2 family size pizzas… on their own.

Next up the contestants were popped onto a bus and instead of being shipped off to the Biggest Loser mansion, they were delivered to a room full of 3000 strangers. They were told they had to make a promise to each other, the trainers and all the highly supportive strangers (they really were quite lovely, I mean if you had to bare your soul in front of any 3000 strong crowd – these guys were rad).

As expected, it all got quite emotional. First up were Robyn and Katie who seem extremely supportive of each other and ready to make a change. The Commando was so overcome with admiration for these two that he popped up on stage and gave Robyn the thrill of her life by embracing her. Some face-fanning went on after that I can tell you.

Even though I am not supposed to pick favorites, I already have. And my favourites are Gerald and Todd who made their promises next. Todd is only 15 and so bloody charming that I just want to stand next to him and rub his back in a non-creepy fashion. What a kid. Gerald (Todd’s Dad) is a stand up guy and obviously loves his son very much.

I teared up a little here friends, I’m not afraid to say it. I hope these guys go all the way.

I think the pair to watch for pure entertainment value will be Janet and Kirsten. I’m tipping more than one angry confrontation between these two.

Gerald and Todd – already the favourites.

Eventually everyone was finished with the sweaty, teary and anxiety ridden task of announcing their intentions in front of a huge crowd. At this point I’m sure they were all ready for a nice cup of tea and a nap (I know I was).

BUT NO WAY JOSE, they were instead taken to the edge of a ten metre cliff.


The contestants were told that jumping off the cliff represented saying goodbye to their old lives and starting shiny new ones. I’m sure most of them would have just been happy to just actually say ‘goodbye’ and then go to meet Hayley at the house but no, the cliff had to be conquered to gain entry into The Biggest Loser competition.

There were a lot of nervous people there on the cliff’s edge; some serious pep talking was going on. No one really wanted a bar of it, much concern was being expressed by all and fair enough too. That was a big cliff.

And then, something glorious happened.

The commando TOOK HIS TOP OFF and something something abs.

I’m pretty sure everyone jumped off the cliff after that. I would like to say I was focussed on all of them embracing their new way of life but I was very distracted by rock hard abs.

I also liked the bit where The Commando said “Cliff jumping should only be done under professional supervision” – so that’s magnificent pecs AND cares about my well being. Perfect man?

Sure enough, everyone was able to jump into the water and swim their way to the flags on the beach. It was all very impressive I must say. Then finally, they were allowed to go to the house and see Hayley.

Next episode is the weigh in – crop tops and shorts on.

I’m tipping this one will be challenging for all.

The Biggest Loser is back in 2013 for what is possibly the most significant challenge in the history of the series: to help break the cycle of generational obesity in Australia. We now know that habits formed early in life can follow on throughout childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. Bad habits in childhood can increase health risks such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes in a person’s adult life. The Biggest Loser is addressing these issues both within the program and through a free health and fitness initiative called The Promise.  This year The Biggest Loser is not just a television event, but also a social movement, a movement that aims to break the vicious cycle of generational obesity. To find out more about how you can receive free health and fitness tips and help break the cycle of generational obesity, head to The Promise website.

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Were you watching The Biggest Loser – Next Generation last night? Do you already have a favourite?