Friday’s news in 2 minutes.

Ellen Degeneres has arrived in Australia.
Ellen Degeneres has arrived in Australia.





1. It’s been a tough 24 hours for the Australian Labor Party, with the only real winner to emerge out of yesterday’s leadership debacle, being Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Mamamia covered the (failed) spill of the Labor leadership live on Twitter and on the site, so you can read all about what happened here.

2. Hundreds of Ellen DeGeneres fans have assembled at Sydney airport, awaiting the arrival of the US television personality and her Australian born wife, actress Portia De Rossi.

3. A helicopter crash near Wollongong yesterday has killed four people. Police, fire trucks and ambulances were called to the scene but unfortunately there were no survivors.


4. Son of the late Crocodile Hunter, 9-year-old Bob Irwin, is releasing a series of adventure books for young boys. Presumably he will be reading them to himself before bed. What a little legend.

5. Britain has responded to the relaxing of the European Union’s relaxation of its arms embargo, and is now sending chemical weapon detection and protection kits to Syrian rebels.

6. It has been revealed today that the reason a sports scientist for the Cronulla Sharks was  sacked last year was because rugby league player Issac Gordon woke up covered in bruises that doctors said ‘you’d only see on a 90 year old lady’ following treatment.

7. In the coming months the, National Museum of Australia in Canberra will be using robot tour guides that will be operated by students across the country, from their classrooms. No more school trips to the nation’s capital necessary then?

8. Controversial radio host John Laws, 77, is refusing to apologise for asking a woman live on the air whether the years of sexual abuse she had suffered at the hands of her male relatives was her own fault. You can listen to the shocking audio below.


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