Beautiful news: Elle Watmough has given birth.

Holding their baby daughter in their arms was something the Watmoughs thought they would never experience.

Following an incredible struggle to conceive, and then a heartbreaking diagnosis of confined placental mosaicism while pregnant, Elle and her husband Anthony have welcomed their baby girl, Jagger Rose, into the world.

Weighing 2.2kg at 33.5 weeks, the tiny marvel will spend the next few days in an intensive care unit to assist with her breathing.

Elle posted the video to Instagram just days before Jagger’s arrival (post continues after video).

Video via Elle Watmough

Elle Watmough, wife to Anthony Watmough, began IVF treatment at just 23 years of age. For three long years, the couple have been dreaming of holding a precious baby of their own in their arms and had almost given up hope when miraculously Elle fell pregnant with their last frozen embryo earlier this year. The couple’s excitement continued as Ms Watmough received 10 perfect ultrasounds and was pleased to learn that she had less than a 2 percent chance of miscarrying. It was a dream come true, until the couple were delivered heart breaking news: their baby girl was carrying Trisomy 18 – a rare and in most cases, fatal condition. “There is no cure for this abnormality,” Elle wrote. “Unlike Down syndrome where a baby can lead a somewhat happy life, babies with Trisomy 18 will die.” All the couple could do is wait anxiously and make an incredibly difficult decision as to how they will proceed with the pregnancy. In a heart wrenching statement, Watmough wrote on her blog: “I can only speak for how I’m feeling and I want to acknowledge and love this little girl that is growing inside me, that we made and to us, is perfect as ever,” she said. “How do you become attached to something that you may lose in a matter of weeks? Do I get excited that my belly is growing or do I acknowledge the likelihood that it probably won’t grow much bigger? I don’t want to sound negative,” she continued. “I want to be positive, think of the best possible outcome, be thrilled that we are finally pregnant and that my body can actually grow a baby this far.”

So in love #jaggerrose ???????? A photo posted by @ellewatmough on Jan 23, 2016 at 9:19pm PST


Thankfully, the baby was later diagnosed with the less serious condition of confined placental mosaicism “We are over the moon to let you all know that after five weeks of testing we just received the news that our baby girl has beaten the odds and is healthy and does not have Trisomy 18,” the happy couple wrote on their Instagram accounts. “We have a rare condition called ‘Confined Placental Mosaicism’ where the T18 cells are confined to the placenta but are not present in the baby.”

Jagger Rose was safely delivered yesterday, more than a month before her March due date. In a post to Instagram followers, the new mum wrote, “Both mum and baby doing great, dad over the moon.”

I LOVE you Jagger Rose ???? #33.5weeks

A video posted by @ellewatmough on Jan 23, 2016 at 11:44pm PST

Congratulations to the Watmoughs and their beautiful family.

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