Editor's favourites: the stories that made me think, gasp and gulp this week

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Here are some of my favourite stories of the week. Do you have any to add?

>> The story that stopped me in my tracks was this one: ever wondered what happened to Disney's Princesses after their Happily Ever After? This photographer has created a confronting series of images that answer the question. Take a look and tell us - fantastically realistic? Or too much? >>

>> A journalist controversially claimed: “Any woman who says she’s happy to be childless is a liar or a fool”. Read her argument here and let us know what you think >>

>> This father revealed why it took him three years to feel like a dad >>

>> Logan Stevenson, the dying toddler who served as best man at his parent’s wedding, passed away. Heartbreaking details here >>

>> This story - 22 signs you're the mum of boys - was shared more than 260 times on Facebook. Read it here to see why  >>


>> Sesame Street has taken advantage of the Cookie Monster's popularity with kids to teach them that good things come to those who wait. Watch the brilliant song here, then show your kids - they'll love it >>

>> One mum offered her solution to the toddler dinnertime battle and we asked: How do you deal with food stand-offs? >>

>> There was outrage over a study that showed childless women think working mums are slackers. As Susan growled on Facebook: "Slackers, eh? All mothers are working mums - and some of us are also in paid employment - yes, that's two jobs!" Read about the controversy here  >>

>> And a dad wrote heartbreaking words about the grief of miscarriage >>

Meanwhile in foodie heaven ...

I shared 5 recipe ideas for feeding your family during the week >>

>> I also got a bit distracted by 10 fashionable food ideas that are total eye candy. How clever are these stained glass biscuit sunglasses for example? See the rest here >>

Cherry Tea Cakes

>>And finally, these, my friends, are Butterbeer Ice-Cream Sandwiches (Harry Potter would be SO impressed). There are 10 more decadent ice-cream sandwich recipes in the article ... you're welcome >>