"Why my armpit hair is long and blue."

Are you tired of your armpits always looking the same?

Are you growing out your armpit hair, but thinking that you need a change?

Do you love brightly coloured hair but don’t want to be like everyone else and put it on your head?

Do you have brightly coloured hair and want to match it to your armpits?

Well, it’s a good thing that you’re reading this because there’s now a solution for all your armpit desires.

Coloured armpit hair.

Nope, I’m not even joking.

People are dyeing their armpit hair because, well I don’t actually know why people are dyeing their armpit hair, but I’m sure it started for a very good reason.

From my extensive research OK, I just Googled ‘dyed armpit hair’ and found a guy who did it in 2012 and someone on YouTube called Destiny M.

In the video, Destiny M explains why she took to her pits with a shade of Katy Perry mermaid blue.

“Mostly as a statement…It’s part of this social construct that women have to be hairless, and it’s one of the many of the beauty standards that are enforced upon from very early ages.”

Hairdresser and blogger, Roxie Hunt whose article, ‘How-to dye your armpit hair’, has garnered over 31,300 social media shares since October writes: “More and more often, I am meeting women who un-apologetically choose not to succumb to the societal pressure of scraping a razor against the soft skin of their bodies.”

“I have always wanted to color someone’s pit hair. I have actually done it once, but It was a late night with too much wine and without the proper tools available. I asked my co-worker Rain if she would be down to let me dye her pit hair blue to match her hair color and she agreed, heartily. (OR should I say pitily.)”

But where there’s women freely dyeing their armpit hair shades of aqua, pink and purple, there’s others ready to declare that it’s not doing feminism any favours.

In her article titled, “Dyeing your armpit hair makes a farce of feminism,” Kate Bellamy questions whether or not this beauty trend is a “smashing win” for society.

“Dyeing your armpit hair just seems a bit silly, a bit redundant if you’re recording it as a success in the battle of the sexes,” Bellamy writes.

“It just seems like a lot of hassle for some scraggly hairs.”

While the author acknowledges that feminism means women can and will do whatever they like with their bodies, ultimately she believes that “when it comes to feminism there are more important battles to be won.”

True, but we say go ahead and rock those fabulous blue/pink/purple unshaven pits if that’s what you’re into.




So coloured armpit hair, would you?

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