The boozy hack you need for Summer.

I’m in an alcohol rut. Plain and simple.

I find myself drinking the same ol’ beverages. In the same ol’ quantities. All. The time.

Sure it’s predictable. And tasty. And I’m well across EXACTLY how many G&Ts I can knock back before I’m on the floor trying to do the worm. (Five. It’s five).

My routine never changes.

To kick off the night? Craft beer. While my palate still does the whole taste thing.

Next? Wine. Preferably a light, fruity number. Here’s a drop I’m loving at the moment:

Mmmm... strong wine notes on the back palate. Image credit Dan Murphys.

From there it's a fuzzy blur of vodka sodas, gin tonics, and definitely NOT cruisers (cruisers).

Hey frens. via Pinterest.

I need a change. Desperately.

Some people suggested that I "stop drinking" for a while. I suggested they "go away". Because it's silly season. And there's nothing better than having friends and family 'round to your place, cook up some salads and snags, and drink alcohol from a watermelon.

Sorry, what?

Yep. Watermelon keg. WATER. MELON. KEG. It's a thing. And it's non-negotiable. You absolutely need it in your life.

Image via Kitchen Warehouse.

Whether you've got people coming over... or you're planning some solo drinking on the couch (hi), this bad boy will shake up your boozing in the best way possible.

Here's a step-by-step guide. Post continues after video...

Video by Mamamia

Step 1: Chop the top off a whole watermelon.

Off with it's head.

Step 2: Scoopidy scoop out all the flesh. Blend/mash. Add booze of choice. Or juice (for a boring alcohol-free version).

Scoooooop it out.

Step 3 (optional): Core a hole in the side of the empty watermelon. Screw in the faucet/tap (available for purchase here).

Watermelon can also be used as large cup.

Step 4: Pour boozy watermelon flesh back in. CONSUME (IR)RESPONSIBLY.

For real though? This is awesome. The watermelon will set you back about $10 from Woolies. And the (optional) tap? About $30.

Which leaves a whole lotta cash to waste on cheap vodka. And maybe some snacks too.

Because, you know... nutrition, etc.