A plus sized fashion blogger has created a gallery of wedding dresses for larger sized brides.

Laura, 35, is a woman from Sheffield in the U.K. who blogs on the increasingly popular ‘Lolly Likes Fatshion’, something she says she started in March 2012 after seeing other plus sized bloggers on Tumblr.

When Laura became engaged in February 2015, her passion for fashion grew. Like many brides she went online in search of wedding day inspiration and was left disappointed when she saw that the majority of bridal fashion was targeted at smaller girls. 

So the size 26 mother-of-one started her own gallery.

Lolly (or Laura) started her blog to celebrate plus sized fashion. Image: Lolly loves Fatshion.

Using the power of social media, Laura put the call out to other plus sized women to become involved by sharing pictures of what they chose to wear on their big day.

And the internet responded.

Laura was inundated with submissions from brides (and grooms) around the world. With their permission, she started putting together the ‘105 Fat/plus sized bride/groom photo series’.

Speaking to the Daily Mail,  Laura said that she knew finding a wedding dress was going to be hard and that finding inspiration was almost impossible because of the lack of content.


“My motivation was to show other plus sized/fat brides and grooms that there were choices available to them, and that other couples looked beautiful on their wedding day and so could that,” she said.

The reaction to Laura’s gallery has been incredible and she says she was ‘blown away’ by the volume of submissions and the support she has received.

She believes, however, that the gallery serves a greater purpose than just fashion inspiration and says she feels it has become a great way of spreading ‘positive visibility'.

Lolly says she was innundated with pictures. Image: Lolly likes Fatshion.

"It needs to be seen that fat people are just like smaller people. We love, get married, have sex, have families. We are beautiful and have the same right to a perfect day as anyone else," she said.

With the success of the photo series Laura is now considering her next step. Having been featured on U.K. T.V. series ‘My Big Fat Wedding’ she now plans on featuring more personal stories on her site through interviews with couples she has included in her photo series.

Well done, Laura.

TAP and scroll through the gallery to see more of Laura's work...