BLOG: Dear 7 Fashion Rules: consider yourselves broken.


Strangely enough, there was a time when double denim or sequins worn during the day was up there with the biggest fashion faux pas you could ever inflict on the general public.

But not anymore, no.

It’s now not only acceptable but encouraged to wear two types of denim at the same time, pile on layers of jewellery and cover yourself with glitter and sparkles. Even all three at the same time won’t earn you a fashion police fine – it’s no wonder our wardrobes are being filled with ridiculous fashion staples.

When we saw this post on Buzzfeed we just had to create our own list of fashion rules you can totally break right now.

1. Double denim? Double fab-lu-ous. 

Double denim, a style made famous by country music singers and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake back in the day is no longer the fashion minefield it once was. It’s hit the fashion world with a panache not seen since well, the trend before that.


2. Sequins should only be worn at night. AS IF.

Bah, who made such a silly rule? Bring on the daylight bling x 1000.

3. Don’t mix your metals.

Those entwined rose, gold, and silver rings aside, you would never previously think of wearing more than one metal at a time. You were either firmly in the gold OR silver camp, never both… until now.

4. See-through everything is tacky.

It’s not just Gwyneth Paltrow jumping onto the sheer bandwagon with her side-butt dress at the Iron Man 3 premiere, perspex see-through clutch purses were de rigueur at Fashion Weeks around the globe. On sheer blouses, it’s no longer frowned upon to show your bra/cami/straps under your sheer shirt… actually, that probably depends on where you work.

5. Head-to-toe print or colour is no longer looked down upon, it’s encouraged.

There’s so many pluses to head-to-one dressing or monochromatic dressing, for example 1) you don’t need to worry about colour co-ordinating your outfit. 2) you don’t have to do separate colour washes for clothing when everything you own is one colour. 3) You don’t have to wait til you’re 85 to wear a matching tracksuit.

Why didn’t we think of this earlier? Oh wait, we did in the 1940s but this is totally different, you guys.

6. Pyjamas should only be worn indoors.

The pyjama dressing trend has been around for several years now, however Marc Jacobs recently declared the most decadent thing one could do is, “Get all dressed up, do their makeup, and stay at home.

This was the premise for his latest collection featuring a ton of pyjamas and he ended the show by taking a bow in his jim-jams – thus declaring it okay to wear your pj’s outside of the house in 2013.

7. Mirrored shades belong in the 1980s.

Anyone else remember Oakley Frogskins, the mirrored shades that all the cool kids had in primary school? They’re baaaack.

Takeout point: If it’s too hard to remember all 7, just wear the craziest ensemble you can. 

No one will even blink an eye, we promise. Your go-to-girl on this one should be editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo.

What would you add? And what fashion trend do you love even though its not fashionable?

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