Done with adult colouring books? Try adult play-doh instead.

Adult playdough may sound like a X-rated bedroom product, but we can assure you this version is squeaky clean. Not only that, it’s full of soothing essential oils. Move over adult colouring-in books and adult puzzle sets – there’s a new toy in town.

We’ve all heard in recent months the extensive meditative benefits of child-like practices such as colouring in, painting, drawing, and puzzles.

And then we tried them.

And then we loved them.

Don’t panic, but here’s a recipe for NUTELLA PLAYDOUGH. Yep, you can eat it.

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Tapping into the trend for adult stress relievers is Perth speech pathologist Alexandria Trichilo who has created the boutique ‘Perth Playdough’, a luxury range of stress-relieving sludge.

“The adult colouring book craze has proven a fantastic stress release for some, but many find it time-consuming and frustrating,” she said.

“Playdough is small and mobile and perfect for your handbag or desk.”

Normal playdough smells so the range includes lavender scents for relaxation, wild orange and lemon scents to lift your mood, lemongrass oil for relieving headaches and eucalyptus scents for clearing the sinuses.

“I’ve always used aromatherapy at home and parents add it to playdough to calm their kids down,” she said.

“I love playdough. Just rolling it around and playing with it is really therapeutic. I started making it for friends and family a year ago and the business evolved from there.”

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The best part about the product is being able to create, play, then smoosh it all back together and start again. And that kicks butt over colouring-in books because seriously: who is able to keep between the lines after two morning coffees?

“It taps into your artistic expression and acts like a stress ball,” says Alexandria.

So go forth and make squeezy little voodoo dolls of your boss’s face, or your boyfriend’s arm, or your landlord’s nose.

That’s what we call stress relief.

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