Michael Wolff is "absolutely sure" Donald Trump is having an affair right now.

On January 5th 2018, journalist Michael Wolff published the most explosive, in-depth look yet into Trump’s White House.

During the research of the book he was essentially, he claims, allowed fly-on-the-wall access to meetings, discussions among top advisers, and the Oval Office itself. Often with the President inside.

Trump denies Wolff spent any time with him one-on-one while researching the book, while Wolff says he spent “about three hours” interviewing the President over the course of the 2016 Campaign, and Trump’s first year in the White House.

LISTEN: Michael Wolff is adamant The President is having an affair with one of his Senior staffers. Mia Freedman and Amelia Lester discuss whether he’s just trying to sell books, or could be right. 

Following the book’s release, Michael Wolff appeared in interviews all over the world. From American breakfast show TODAY, to our very own 7.30 with Leigh Sales. The 64-year-old journalist reassured us over and over that Trump’s style of leadership is just as tumultuous, unstable, and inconsistent as many think it is.

In a recent interview on Real Time with Bill Maher, however, Wolff offered a piece of information that he withheld from previous interviews.

“I want you to tell me something that the other people have not noticed in this book…” Maher began, referring to Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.  

“There is something in the book that I was absolutely sure of, but… I didn’t have the ultimate proof,” Wolff explained.

Maher pressed, “It’s somebody he’s f***king now?”

“It is,” Wolff said. “You just have to read between the lines… it’s toward the end of the book. You’ll know it.”

As Mia Freedman points out on Mamamia’s Tell Me It’s Going To Be OK podcast, if the rumour is indeed true, there are very few women it could be.

But the jury is still out as to whether Wolff is on the money, or playing fast-and-loose with the facts, as some people believe he’s done in the past.

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