Every complaint from the Domino's Facebook page, in one hilarious yet terrible montage.

This is possibly the best way to raise money for a charity, ever.

YouTube user Stuntbear took a bunch of complaints from the Domino’s Australia Facebook page, and put them all into one epic ‘first world pizza problems’ compilation.

It turns out, hearing people passionately complain about not getting their dessert dipping sauce is inexplicably hilarious (and terrible):

Setting it all to the background of serious world famine gives a bit of substance to the laughs, and that’s where the charity comes in – Stuntbear put the video together with the intention of putting things in perspective (i.e. you may not be able to live-track your pizza delivery via GPS but you will probably live through the night so SETTLE DOWN).

It’s about raising money too; all viewers are strongly encouraged to donate to the UNHCR, which you can do by clicking right here.

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