How to get three kids ready for school and still do your hair every morning.

I have three beautiful children, two girls and a little boy. They are my entire world. Everything I do is for them. I have no regrets after becoming a mother, except that my hair always looks like crap.

When I had one child I could still squeeze in a hair colour and cut each month or so. When I had my second little girl it became more of a struggle. I started colouring it myself at home and getting cuts when I could.

By the time my little man entered the scene I was having trouble getting my hair cut, my waxing done, even getting to the post office or visiting the dentist was becoming a struggle.

The haircuts came to a complete stop.

My boy has just turned three and I’ve had it. My life is perfect. I have the perfect husband, the perfect children and the perfect life, except I look like total crap and I’m sick of it.

So I decided to turn my life around.

I started asking my mummy friends how they get their hair done and it turns out it’s a struggle for us all. One of the ladies recommended a hairdresser who works from home. She has kids and is happy for her clients to bring their children too. The kids play and she colours and cuts your hair.

I rang her minutes after I arrived home.

I don’t remember the last time I got to lather my hair like this

She cut and coloured my hair, the first time I’ve had it done properly in years and I felt unbelievably amazing. I felt happier, thinner, brighter, lighter. I flicked my hair a lot that afternoon. She also gave me some amazing tips for doing my hair each day.

I wake up a bit earlier and wash my hair every second day. On the days I wash it I have to half dry it, styling just the top. I do this while the kids eat breakfast in front of the TV. Then I put it in a ponytail and wind it up into a bun. I leave it that way all morning until the kids are at school and I am about to walk into the office when I release it and it flows in beautiful waves, like frigging magic.

On the second day when I don’t wash it I have to sleep with it in a high ponytail so it creates fullness. Then, while the kids are eating their breakfast I take it out, brush the bottom only, turn my head upside down, tease the crown, spray it, turn it back the right way, part it, tuck each side behind my ears and smooth the rest down.

On desperate days when I haven’t washed it or had time to dry it, it all goes up into a coiled bun. But here’s a tip…let your hair dry naturally first then just before you walk into the office, up it goes into a coiled bun. It will look much better than if you did it with wet hair.

Do you struggle to find time to get ready in the morning? What are your time saving tips?