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What this family did for their beloved dog on his last day is beautiful.

It was his last day, so his family decided to make it the most amazing one ever.

Duke’s body was riddled with cancer.

But before The Roberts family could put their much-loved family dog down, they had to give him one last day.

A day all dogs wish for.

Duke was a black Labrador and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – a common and aggressive cancer found in dogs. A few years ago, he had to have his front leg removed. But the tumor had already spread to his ribs, making life for him very uncomfortable.

Jordan Roberts booked in his euthanasia on 7 July 204. But before saying that final goodbye, the family decided to give Duke the best day of his whole life. And asked photographer Robyn Arouty to capture each moment.

The day included hamburgers, a water park and lots of last cuddles.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Robyn said, “It was beautiful, really. One thing just fell into the next. [The day] started with the hamburgers, then the boys came over, then other friends, etc. The splash park was spontaneous. And then Duke walked under ‘The Rainbow Bridge,’ which is ironically also a term used for the place where pets go when they die. I felt honored.”

CLICK THROUGH the gallery for all the beautiful photos (grab some tissues first though):

Do you wish you had done this for your beloved pet?

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