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Dog alerts parents to abusive babysitter

Killian is a beautiful Labrador and German Shepherd mix who normally loves anyone who'll give him a pat.

But he didn't like the babysitter his family had chosen for seven-month-old Finn.

Every time Alexis Kahn, 22, arrived to care for the toddler, Killian would start growling at her. Around everyone else he was his usual, loving self but around Alexis he was agitated and aggressive.

Parents Benjamin and Hope Jordan became suspicious and decided to set a trap for the young babysitter. They placed an iPhone on record under the lounge chair and when they returned home from work, they pressed play.

Alexis Kahn is now in prison for child abuse

To their horror they heard Alexis swearing at Kahn and slapping him. They also heard their baby boy crying.

They rushed Finn to hospital and called police. When confronted she confessed and has just been sentenced to prison for one to three years. She's also on a child abuse registry and can never work with children again. Dad Benjamin told WCSC, "Had our dog not alerted us to the could have been Finn that was killed by the babysitter."

"You never know."

The Jordan's are forever grateful to their beautiful family pet Killian and any future babysitters will have to get his seal of approval.

Has your family pet ever alerted you to danger?