Celebrity DJ Snapchats the birth of his son and we're not sure how we feel.

We can’t decide how we feel about this one…

DJ Khaled, of Snapchat fame (@DjKhaled305), has shared with us an extremely intimate moment: just last Sunday, he live streamed the birth of his son.

Before we go any further, you know who we’re talking about right? RIGHT?


Khaled is an internet phenomenon, whose fame stems from his larger than life persona and social media presence rather than his music. (He’s basically famous for being a “living meme”). Surrounded by close friends and a team of doctors and nurses in Miami, Khaled documents the entire birthing process. He takes us from the early stages of labour, right through to the ACTUAL MOMENT HIS WIFE STARTS PUSHING.

It started off pretty easy going, with some pre-labour good vibes:

We don't know what Lion order is. Honestly, no clue. AND IT DIDN'T STOP THERE. Oh no... Khaled kept the updates coming thick and fast when the action started.

via Snapchat @DjKhaled305

Again with the lion symbol. Is he the father lion? Is he naming his baby Simba?

Then there was even some confusion surrounding the labour process.

via Snapchat @DjKhaled305

Being a DJ, you better BELIEVE he had a birthing soundtrack. Throughout the event, his Snapchat followers were treated to a variety of Arabic prayers as well as his own music. Yes. His son's birth was accompanied by some techno doof-doof gold...

Rob Lopez / Via Twitter: @R0BaTO

Rob Lopez / Via Twitter: @R0BaTO

Before you Snapchat your labour, Mamamia Out Loud has a reminder about the realities of giving birth... Post continues below.

Regardless of any ethical qualms around the issue, it's fair to say the man has shattered any pre-conceived ideas we had about Snapchat. What was previously nothing more than a platform for sexting and brunch photos has been used to recount, first-hand, the miracle of life.

So. Is this where we're at now? Is live streaming the birth of your child the new frontier of social media?

But most importantly? If the images are anything to go by, he's going to be an involved dad...

???????????????????????? all praise to the most high

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