Just when you think you've seen it all in the world of plastic surgery? This happens.

“When God was giving out dimples I was at the back of the queue.”

That’s a quote from Cherelle, who is one of the first women to undergo dimpleplasty.

A new plastic surgery procedure that adds dimples onto an otherwise dimple-free face. It involves making an incision with a scalpel and stitching the cheek to mimic dimples.

It costs $2,700 for both cheeks, though Cherelle received her dimpleplasty for free in exchange for appearing on an episode of the Channel 4 documentary ‘Bodyshockers: My Piercing Hell‘.

“I was impressed as I didn’t think they were going to be that deep, it’s mixed feelings,” Cherelle said after the surgery. “Once it has healed, I know I will love it.”

“I’ve always loved dimples [but] I wasn’t blessed to be given big ones.”

Despite reports she wanted dimples to emulate Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, Cherelle says she wanted to do the surgery to be more confident.

“I wanted to do it because I hated my smile previously – I thought it just looked odd. So I avoided smiling in photos.”

Cherelle adds that she regrets not doing a follow up for the show, as she’s “been made to look like a fool.”

“I spent some days with Channel 4,” she reveals. “Most of what was said in that time did not appear in the show. They chose what they wanted and put it in a five-minute snippet to their liking.

“I literally feel as if I’ve been pin pointed when all I did is something to make me feel happier with my new body, it might sound ridiculous but I didn’t hurt anybody to receive the treatment I did.”

What Cherelle looks like now.

The network describes the show as, “Comedian Tom Allen presents a jaw-dropping romp through the most shocking body transformations the world has ever seen,” but perhaps they’d be better served providing body image conselling to their participants.

So. Dimpleplasty. What do you think and would you ever consider it? Did you ever wish for dimples – or something else – when you were younger?

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