Mamamia has a cup of tea and a chat with Em Rusciano.

This is Em’s upcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival Show. You should go. Really.

Welcome our latest video series on Mamamia.

It’s called Tea with Mamamia and it involves us, a few too many cups of Dilmah tea…and some Aussie celebrities who we were pretty anxious to know more about.

Our Editor, Jamila has been having a damn good time of late, getting to hang with a bunch of amazing Australian women (in hotel rooms designed too look like her ‘home’ – although Jam says it’s a tad unrealistic) and talking about everything from music to mates to comedy to motherhood to men.

Today Jamila chats with the host of Mamamia Today – our very own radio show – Em Rusciano. Em also has a show coming up at the Melbourne Comedy Festival so if you like what you see in this video, then you should definitely get along to see that too.

Here’s what you need to know about Em:

After cracking a few good notes in the shower in her early twenties, Em auditioned for  ‘Australian Idol’, finally making the top ten during the show’s fabulously popular second  season. Then after tossing off some decent quips in her post-Idol interviews, Em was snapped  up by the Austereo radio network. Going on to host Perth’s 92.9 breakfast radio show for four years, Em flirted with AFL  footballers, traded baby-stories with suburban mums and jammed with the Black Eyed Peas.

She riffed on everything from US politics, to post-natal depression to Lady Gaga’s man-bits,  and drove the network to ratings supremacy, year after year.  Network Ten’s ‘The Project’ noticed Em had something special and hired her as a presenter in 2010. Em worked with The Project since it’s first week on air and has presented many stories including “Behind the scenes of Master Chef in New York.”

Now based in Melbourne Em has turned her attention to stage performing, musical stand-up comedy and of course hosting our very own radio show Mamamia Today. You can tune in to listen to her at 3pm every weekday on the Austereo network.

The Tea with Mamamia series is brought to you by Dilmah