FLUFF: Karl Stefanovic's fate on Today show has been decided.

Karl Stefanovic, stop playing with our emotions and just tell us, tell us now. Are you getting the axe?

Rumours have been circulating in the last week as to whether Karl’s time at Nine is drawing to a close. These rumours were started by a malicious gossip: Karl Stefanovic himself.

But now, we have an answer. Nine’s Chief Executive David Gyngell has shaken his fist and rolled his eyes at Karl’s antics and simultaneously put an end to all the rumours.

He told Media Diary, “There are zero changes at Today. There won’t be for years.”

We know what you’re thinking. Why would Karl make all this drama up? Why would he toy with us like this?

For those answers, you need to look deep into the psyche of Karl – past the Dalai Lama jokes, to the right of his Grumpy Cat interview. He’s made a habit recently of pranking everyone, so we did think this was perhaps just another prank…

But just in case you still have any doubt about Karl’s future, you need only listen to the man himself.

In a separate interview with Media diary, he mentioned the Today producers would have to be “an idiot” to get rid of him. (We agree).

As Karl said, “What executive would change the formula when it’s winning? We’ve won the east coast and that’s 75 per cent of your ad market right there.”

He continued to say his comments were “100% tongue in cheek”.

Well, it seems Karl has not only won the East Coast, but also the ongoing game of ‘made up things Karl says which everyone believes’. We’re onto you Karl.

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