How to do Diane Kruger’s epic Inception braid

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Ok, WOW. Let’s just unpack this for a second.

Diane Kruger has just pulled off the most epic braid we’ve ever seen on a red carpet.

We’re dubbing it “Inception Braid” because it’s a braid inside a braid, maybe inside another braid. It’s entirely possible that Leonardo DiCaprio is stuck on a level inside that thing. That beautiful, amazing, complicated thing. If Fibonacci was alive, he’d definitely approve.

Here’s a closer look.

Not intimidated by such hair mastery and want to try it at home? Go forth my pretties, may the hair force be with you.

Step one: Spray hair with a texture spray like O&M's Style Guru, which has hold but will still allow the hair to move (avoid a hairspray or sea salt spray here) and blowdry.

Step two: Grab a section of hair at the crown of your head, two inches back from your hairline. An easy way to do this is to run your fingers from the top of each ear into the middle, and then break that section into three parts, leaving the thicker part in the middle (that you will braid).

Step three: Clip the sides of your hair back so it’s out of the way.

Step four: Begin braiding. You want to do an inside out braid (a cornrow) here. Take it to the base of the neck and secure it with a clear elastic. If I lost you at ‘inside out,’ check the tutorial below.

Step five: Unclip the sides and begin a loose braid over the top of the cornrow. Kruger's hairstylist Kylee Heath stopped this one about three inches from the base of the neck rather than continuing it down, which makes it more modern than Pony Club.

Step six: hairspray the hell out of it.

Step seven: pour yourself a drink, because YOU TRIED.

Incidentally, Diane Kruger perfectly accessorised her Inception Braid with a Mary Katrantzou dress, Charlotte Olympia clutch and Stuart Weitzman heels to the premiere of 'The Bridge.' Thus personifying the very definition of Nailed It.  

Braiding, is it in your skill set or one that escapes you? If you are going to attempt Diane Kruger’s “Inception Braid” share your photos in the comments below, we'd love to see them!

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