FLUFF: Proof that Diane Keaton is an outrageous flirt.

This interview with Diane Keaton is just absolute heaven.

The 68-year-old legend sat down with USA Today Show host Matt Lauer for seven minutes of rare Hollywood candour. It’s a genuinely extraordinary chat about body image, creative genius, style, her association with Woody Allen and turtle-neck jumpers… But it’s also a masterclass in flirtation.

Diane opens by telling Matt she’s been thinking about him, looking at photographs of him, trying to appreciate his beauty. She delivers every cheeky line with Annie Hall-like sparkle – and we would not blame this man if he got down on one knee and begged to spend the rest of his life with Diane.

We almost want to do just that for all the fascinating things she says about women in Hollywood.

Enough from us, here’s Diane.

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