How to update a rental apartment without upsetting the landlord.

Just because you don’t own your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touches or cover up all the ugly parts you don’t like. Here are 15 ways you can (temporarily) add style your apartment and keep your landlord happy.

1. Washi Tape Frames.


Not meant to hang photo frames at your place? Create your own colourful display with washi tape.

2. …or along the floor. 

3. Add colour with bright furniture.


If your landlord won’t let you paint, don’t be afraid to give cheap furniture or stuff that you’ve found on kerbside cleanup day a bold coat of paint.

4. Fake flower wall.


Surrounded by four uninspiring white walls? Pretty up your space by attaching fake flowers to the wall.

5. Temporary ceiling.


Create a temporary ceiling with fabric.

6. Decals: fan.


Makeover an ugly ceiling light fan with temporary decals.

7. Decals: shower.


8. Temporary wallpaper.


Use starched fabric as temporary wallpaper, tutorial here.

 9. Insta-mural.


If you’re anything like me, you have approximately 4,765 photos on your phone that you have never printed out. Get creative with an Insta mural.

10. Washi tape décor.


11. DIY paper headboard.

Patchwork isn’t just for those who can sew; add colour to your bedroom with this geometric paper headboard.

12.  Confetti wall.

13. Create colour with accessories.


14. Photo mural wall.

Tutorial here.

 15. Decals: statement wall.

Create a sophisticated setting by using statement decals like this chevron design.

Helpful? Which one is your favourite? And spill, what’s been your worst DIY fail?

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