Off life's treadmill: What can happen with a little peace.

It says a lot that one of Australia’s most powerful and influential women wants to take time out.

Elizabeth Broderick has spent eight years talking to women about their lives, the discrimination they face and their endless quest to balance work and life, climbing and caring.

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But she’s keen to get off the treadmill of endless ‘doing’ and spend some time just ‘being’. Liz tells this week’s Just Between Us podcast about the next phase in her life. It’s all about reconnection, rejuvenation and personal growth … and that inspires us to talk about the benefits of doing just that.

But what does that have to do with the 'Shower Principle'? And what the hell is the Shower Principle?

Find out by listening below:

We also talk about an analysis that shows only a miniscule proportion of the women on the Ashley Madison cheating website are real.  What does the fact that millions of men are flirting with fake bots say about life - and what is 'real' in this age of fakery and foolery? This is a place where technology, lonliness, fantasies and fakery combine.

Listen: 'My friend will start trying for a baby at 41. Should I speak up, or just support her?’

Plus, we reveal the funniest book we've read about friendship and comedy, pay tribute to Oliver Sachs and discuss how we will talk to our daughters and sons about what they wear. There's evena special guest star who can't talk but who has a vital role to play in our lives.

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