Best and Worst Special Edition: Dear 2012...

Jamila Rizvi.


Every Friday at Mamamia we ask our readers to gather together and share how their week has been chugging along. We ask you to tell us about the best bits, the worst bits, the in-between bits, the exciting bits, the bits you’re a tad embarrassed about…

And then we give each other some advice. Lots of it.

We’re women, it’s just what we do.

This week, we’re shaking things up and asking what has been your best and worst for a whopping great 52 weeks. Big ask, I know. If you’re not up to it then just tell us what your plans are for tonight but you know what? I’ve got faith that you can do it. Just like your Year 2 teacher Mrs Horton, I think you’ve got potential.

For me it has been a year of enormous change. A new city, a new job, some very big new challenges, a couple of cameo appearances by new blokes (including one who – unbelievably – is still putting up with my insanity and I’m hoping he will be upgraded to special guest appearance status by hanging around for a few more episodes).

My 2012 best? The people. Two groups of them in particular. Firstly, the wonderful Mamamia Team who work so bloody hard, have made me feel unbelievably welcome, have been excellent teachers and who I would never refer to as colleagues, just very good mates.

And secondly, my new Gen-Y family – my Sydney housemates Josh and Camden. Those handsome, kind, caring, witty Prince Charming types who only exist in Fairy Tales? Yeah, I live with two of them. It’s been a ripper of a year thanks to these rad guys.

My worst is one I think I’d rather keep to myself – and knowing the Mamamia readership – I know you won’t hold it against me if I don’t share.

Lots of people I love have had a particularly difficult year. Myself and the rest of Team MM, hope that 2013 is better to you. And for those who’ve had a ripper, we wish you even more of the same.

Adios 2012. xx

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