"I see the comments. 'Plastic. All Botox'. I can see what people see... but I'm not doing it now."

The younger Minogue sister says her filler days are behind her, and strips off her make-up to prove it. 

She has been criticised in the past for drastically changing her face, but Dannii Minogue adamantly told today’s Who magazine that she doesn’t use Botox anymore.

In Who‘s current ‘Stars without Makeup’ edition of the magazine, Ms. Minogue graces the cover completely bare-faced which she says is more often her everyday routine.

Dannii Minogue on the cover of Who magazine

The mother of three-year-old son Ethan said, "'When I'm not working, I wear minimal makeup—when you’re a mum it becomes a time constraint."

She is aware of the scrutiny she has received in the past for her seemingly ageless beauty, commenting back in 2009 that, "I see the comments. Plastic. All Botox. I can see what people see, but I have to say that - while I have been open about doing it before - I'm not doing it now."

Jokingly, the The X-Factor judge added, "For the show (The X-Factor) it is actually quite useful to be able to have facial expressions."

Although foregoing the injections, posing completely make up free for Who was a challenge, she freely admits.

"I guess the initial reaction was "What? Are you kidding me!" 

"But I don't see why it should be a big deal, I think that there's a major thing with women that we're expected to be perfect all the time and get this - news breaking - we're not!"

"I thought, I'm 42, I'm feeling pretty good, you know you've got to enjoy it and hopefully it will inspire some other women."

Inspired us it has - she looks beautiful.

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