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'I don't believe Dan and Jess are together now.' Ben Fordham on his awkward TV interview.

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An incredibly awkward interview between Married at First Sight contestants Jess and Dan has been viewed more than two million times since it aired 12 hours ago.

And that’s because the seven minute clip is everything.

Broadcast on Nine’s Talking Married directly after the finale aired, viewers were shrieking at their televisions as the relationship between the pair effectively unravelled.

Here’s a clip of the viral interview on Nine’s Talking Married. Post continues…

“Yeah, it was hard to watch back, and watching it again it sorta re-scratched those feelings,” Dan said, referring to watching girlfriend Jess proposition another man just moments before their own relationship began. “It’s hard, I probably shouldn’t have watched it. I love the girl… but it’s an awkward position I am in right now.”

Host Ben Fordham decided to take one for the team and referenced the ‘f-bombs’ that were apparently being thrown around during the ad break.


“It seems to me that the tension is still pretty strong there,” Fordham said.

But, until now, we didn’t know what exactly had happened during the break that was bad enough for Fordham to… you know… bring it up.

Speaking to Mamamia, Fordham said that the pair were a little under the weather and, “Jess cracked a joke that she might have gotten [a cold] from Mick… she was just trying to be funny and lighten the mood. And then Dan said it was probably Nic…

“The mention of Nic’s name just led to Jess exploding and she started swearing her head off and dropping the F-bomb and threatening to walk out of  the interview before it even happened.

“It was clearly toxic and explosive,” Fordham added.

The Australian journalist and radio presenter said he wanted the viewers to “know what was really going on,” because often interview subjects will present one way off camera, and another on camera.

From what Fordham saw last night he concluded: “I don’t believe that they’re together now.”

“I think they were putting on an act for the TV cameras last night. Either that or their future can be measured in hours rather than days,” he told Mamamia. 

As the on-air interview progressed Dan said, “She goes down with the lie, dies with the lie, and even tonight she didn’t admit it,” while Jess uncomfortably squirmed next to him.

“I don’t deny I was hitting on Nic, I think this has been blown out of proportion in high magnitudes, but yeah I definitely in some ways, I did a little bit… hit on Nic,” Jess replied with a smile and what. 

Dan’s face promptly imploded.

Dan Webb
You... ok Dan?

At no point prior to the interview had Jess admitted to hitting on Nic, and Dan's reaction prompted her to whisper through the side of her mouth, "Let's not fight on national television".

But Dan thought this was as good a time as ever to have a fight, and the panel very much agreed.


"It creates so much negativity and toxicity in our relationship - it really does," Dan said, looking towards Jess as he asked, "do you feel that?"

Ben Fordham certainly felt that.

And so did the rest of the country.

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