Plastic surgeon dad gives daughters boob jobs. What a hero.

father gives daughters plastic surgery



Charm Niccole had her first plastic surgery operation when she was ten years old. She had her horrifically disgusting and morally wrong outie belly button turned into an innie.

The brave and noble doctor who was willing to perform this life-changing procedure? Charm’s Dad, plastic surgeon Michael Niccole.

Charm, now 25, and her sister Brittani, also 25, are sisters from Orange County in the US. A video interview with them and their father has been making waves on the interwebs today.

Why? Dr. Niccole proudly uses them as walking surgery advertisements. Because GOOD PARENTING.

Both have had several hideous issues with their outrageously gross bodies corrected by their heroic dad. Adopted as babies, it was just so lucky that Charm and Brittani would end up with a father who could not only recognise all the things about them that needed fixing, but had the skills to fix it all himself.


Both girls have had their torturously inadequate breasts made bigger. Brittani had her nose, which was practically a face deformity, fixed at 20. Both get botox in their faces and underarms.

Let’s take a moment to congratulate their their father, Dr. Niccole, who managed to save both his daughters from a life of stigmitsation and ridicule, by taking them from this:


 To this:



Ugh. They used to be so HIDEOUS.

Well done Dr. Niccole, for having the determination and heart to look out for your daughters. After all, if you didn’t point out all their imperfections, how would they know there was anything wrong?

“They’ve lived in the world of cosmetics, so they understand the importance of looking and maintaining your beauty for the rest of their lives,” Dr. Niccole says.

YES. Exactly. What an important life lesson for a father to be teaching his daughters: Spend your life chasing physical perfection. They’ll never be unhappy!

Watch the interview here (and look out for the surprisingly wrinkly mum, who is such a buzz killington with all her “I didn’t want them to do it body image blah blah blah”):

So, c’mon, admit it – you wish Dr. Niccole was your dad don’t you?



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