Curtis Stone shares his wedding photos with the world ... for free

A little over a week ago, Jennifer Hawkins married fiance Jake Wall in Bali and sold the photographs to Woman's Day for a reported $300,000.

Yesterday, celebrity chef Curtis Stone shared his wedding photos with the world for free via his Facebook page.

When iVillage asked its readers how they felt about Jennifer Hawkins' wedding price tag, many were up in arms. 

"I think it cheapens the wedding, selling an exclusive to a mag plus having the wedding on the day that best suits the mag. Not everything in life needs to be a money-making photo opp for 'celebrities', surely?" said one reader. 

"Vulgar amount of money for wedding pics, they should show some class and donate the money to a charity, supporting people who are not as fortunate as themselves," wrote another.

"If someone is silly enough to pay Jen Hawkins that much for her wedding photos then good for Jen, but shame on the mag. I won't be buying," added another.

Shelly Horton wrote at Fairfax Media: "How refreshing. Aussie chef Curtis Stone and actress Lindsay Price could have scored hundreds of thousands of dollars for a magazine spread of their recent wedding but instead released a couple of photos on social media."

Curtis and his bride exchanged vows last weekend, surrounded by close family and friends at the five-star Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca Resort in Spain. 

"To everyone out there, thank you for all your love and support!" Curtis wrote on his Facebook page."It was so special to share our big day with family and a small group of friends. We wanted to share this happy snap with you from our perfect day. We are thrilled to bits!!!"


Following Curtis' lead, the couple's wedding photographer, Elizabeth Messina, also shared a photo of the wedding on Instagram (above). 

Wedding guests included Tiffani Amber Thiessen, who posted a picture from the reception of herself with her husband Brady Smith to her Instagram page, together with the message: "Toast to our dear friends for an amazing wedding weekend in Mallorca, Spain. #memories #unforgettable #stonewedding.

Guest Tiffani Thiessen and husband Brady Smith

Perhaps one of the sweetest details to emerge from the nuptials is that Curtis baked a special wedding cake himself for his bride. Rather than the traditional fruitcake, Lindsay's favourite sweet treat is carrot cake, so Curtis headed to the kitchen to whip one up. Awwwwww!

Lindsay and Curtis got engaged in July 2012 after dating for three years. They had a son, Hudson, in November 2011.

The gorgeous reception room at the Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca Resort.

The pool area at the resort.

Curtis with son Hudson

Meanwhile, the couple's Spanish honeymoon continues, with Curtis posting this delicious photo on his Facebook page with the caption: "Doesn't this look delicious! I love paella."


So, what do you think? Do you think celebrities should take paychecks for their weddings if a media outlet is willing to cough up? Or should they take Curtis Stone's approach to his big day?