Is this the solution to the 'awkward arm' spooning dilemma?

There are few activities more pleasant in this world than spooning with a loved one.

The problem is, if you happen to be the big spoon there's always one obstacle lying between you and snuggling perfection. It's called the Awkward Arm.

The Awkward Arm refers to the unfortunate limb that doesn't quite work in the cuddling equation, regardless of your co-sleeping position (as demonstrated in the diagram above - 'Loosely Tethered' in particular). It doesn't discriminate based on relationship status, either; if you're a side sleeper, you'll be aware that you can easily cut off the circulation in your own arm.

It takes a great deal of perseverance, creativity and contortion to find somewhere to put that damn thing. Some opt for looping it under their sleeping partner's neck or under their pillow. Others just put up with the pins and needles that inevitably develop as a result of somebody lying motionless across your arm.

As Urban Dictionary points out, the Awkward Arm sufferer is often driven to "wishing [their] arms could be pulled off and then put back on afterwards" - and, indeed, that would be the ideal solution. Sadly, human bodies are not manufactured by Mattel, which means our limbs are not easily detached.

However, a less painful solution may be on the way in the form of the Cuddle Mattress. Behold:

Designed by Mehdi Mojtabavi, the mattress's slats offer nooks and crannies for that pesky arm to slither into without the threat of losing circulation. As the official Facebook page states, "We all like a little cuddling, but the muscles, blood vessels and nerves in our limbs often pay the price ... Cuddle Mattress lets you hug your better half intimately without any wrist or arm problems. You'll sleep better and you can cuddle longer." Romantic AND ergonomic - life doesn't get much better than that.

Unfortunately, we still have some time to wait; Mojtabavi is reportedly seeking investors to get his award-winning design into production. Let the countdown begin!

What's your chosen co-sleeping position? Would the Cuddle Mattress immeasurably change your life?