"I'm a teacher and proud of what I do, but my friend won't stop making snide remarks."

As the daughter of a teacher, I know first-hand that teachers are the literal backbone of society. Growing up, I would watch my mother work late into the night, planning her lessons or doing little things, like laminating, that make a classroom such a warm space for children.

So when one woman wrote on Mumsnet seeking advice about a friend who made ‘snide’ remarks about teaching, I could relate to the frustration.

“I am a teacher and I am very proud of what I do. I work very hard and am relatively successful. But I have a friend who is very derogatory about teachers, making the usual digs about too many holidays, those who can’t do, teach etc. It’s very strange as both her parents work in education,” the woman wrote on the forum.

“She thinks people who teach aren’t very smart. She also thinks the job is easy, anyone can do it. I know for a fact, she wouldn’t last a day at my school.”

“We’ve fallen out numerous times over things she’s said. Once, a friend was considering retraining as a teacher and she said to her “god you must be desperate.”

“[Am I being unreasonable] in wondering what the bloody hell her problem is? I would never comment on her work or make sweeping statements about her colleagues.”

She finished the post asking for advice.

“Has anyone got a friend like this or could give me something I could say the next time she makes such comments?”

“I am a teacher and I am very proud of what I do. I work very hard and am relatively successful," the woman wrote. Image: Getty.

As you can imagine, the responses were gold.

"F*ck off would work," one user suggested.

"Tell her she doesn't know what she's talking about, and to become a teacher herself if she thinks it's so easy," another said.

Others got... deep.

"I suspect that the issue is that her parents are in education. Too much of a coincidence for it to be anything else. She has issues with her parents and her parents are teachers so therefore all teachers are arseholes," suggested one user.

"She sounds bitter. I think teaching is probably one of the more difficult professions and I bow down to anyone who can hack the poor pay and gruesome hours. Being the child of teachers can make a person bitter," said bumbleboots. 

Some other users suggested that "friend" might not be the word to describe this person.

"So what type of work does this paragon do herself? Bin her. She’s either jealous of you or just plain mean. Either way, she’s no friend," suggested Acrossthepond55. 

"The friend has issues. Kick it to the kerb," said Monty27.


They are the backbone of society and you know it.