No-one just calls and says 'We're pregnant!' any more.

Is your news feed clogged up with baby announcements? These people have found a way to cut through the noise.

In celebrity news that probably didn’t flicker on your radar this week, George Clooney’s ex girlfriend Stacey Keibler is now pregnant with her first child.

Now, that is indeed some lovely news, but it was the way Stacey announced her pregnancy, rather than the news itself, that grabbed our attention. The model and actress informed her Instagram followers she had a bun in the oven by sharing a photo of, well…

"Look what we've got cooking! A Bun'dle of love!" she wrote.

Well played, lady. Extra points for the cute wordplay.

Stacey isn't the only mum-to-be to eschew the traditional "We're expecting" phone call/telegram/Facebook post/other mode of announcement in favour or something a little kookier. And we're loving it - after all, the only thing more delightful than good news is good news delivered in a creative, fun way.

Other celebrity parents-to-be including Fergie, Hamish Blake and Jessica Simpson have used their imaginations when breaking their baby news - but we mere mortals aren't doing so badly at it, either. Check out this gallery of kooky, witty and downright crazy pregnancy announcements from social media-savvy mums and dads, famous and otherwise. What will they think of next?

Did you announce your pregnancy in an unusual way?