BREAKING: Craig Thomson's jail sentence handed down.

craig thomson sentenced
Craig Thomson has been sentenced.

Former Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson was sentenced this morning for defrauding the Health Services Union.

Thomson has received a 12-month sentence, with nine months suspended. That means Thomson will be going to jail for three months.

He was charged with defrauding the HSU of more than $24,000. The former member for Dobell was found guilty of misusing union credit cards to pay for flights, hotels, cash withdrawals, cigarettes and – most controversially – sex workers. The criminal case lasted for more than a year.

Thomson was found guilty of 65 individual fraud charges relating to misuse of credit cards.

Breaking: Craig Thomson to spend three months in jail after being sentenced to 12 months, with 9 months suspended. #auspol

— (@smh) March 24, 2014

Craig Thomson to serve three months of his 12-month sentence for misusing union funds:

— (@smh) March 24, 2014

More to come.

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