Sex rituals, toilet confessions and rogue parenting: 17 couples on the strangest habits they share.

We all have some unique habits and hobbies we like to keep on the down-low.

...But it seems celebrities are all too keen to share theirs. Front of mind is Meghan Trainor’s confession that she and her husband have side-by-side toilets so they can sit together and… you know.

And musician Machine Gun Kelly decided to let the world know that in appreciation for his partner, Megan Fox, he wears a vial of her blood around his neck. Poetic.

To uncover more hilariously unusual couple habits, we asked 17 women to share some of the strangest things they and their partner do together that they didn’t realise were a bit kooky. 

But first, watch MM Confessions: the weirdest place I’ve had sex. Post continues after video.

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Read on for a bit of a lol.

17 women on the weirdest thing they do with their partner.

“To let out some steam and for a bit of a laugh, my husband and I like to discuss between ourselves who is our favourite kid for the week. If one of them has done their homework without crying and having a fit on the floor, they’re in for a good chance!”

“My man pulls out my ingrown pubic hair with tweezers when I’ve recently had a wax and the regrowth starts to irritate me. I literally just lay stark naked on the bed and he settles in between and starts plucking.”

“I recently discovered that my partner and I are weird because in winter we have an unofficial policy that whoever is in the bed first has to warm it up.”


“We hold hands while we sleep. It’s literally the only romantic thing we do.”

“We regularly swap sides of the bed – we don’t have a set side.” (The reactions from this submission in the Mamamia Outlouders Facebook Group were actually iconic).

One Outlouder also reminded us of the viral confession from a couple who implemented a post-sex clean up area next to their bedside table, fitted with tissues, a bin and a beaker of clean water for ‘dunking’… (this anonymous submission dared us to Google ‘penis beaker’ – we don’t recommend you do the same).


Popping each other’s pimples and rating the ‘pop’. We also gently slap each other’s bums in public just to be mischievous.”

“I’ve been with my fiancé for over 7 years and he’s never farted in front of me. I’m happy with that.”

“We don’t really have any boundaries. We never go to the toilet with the door shut anymore (unless we’re hiding from our child). I also use his toothbrush if mine isn’t nearby. We think it’s awesome if someone does a fart and we’ll have a good laugh about it. And if we need to cheer the other person up, we do a silly Happy Chicken Dance.”


“My partner and I used to run the whole ‘whoever does the cooking, the other does the washing up’ strategy until he decided the best chefs use every bowl on the planet. So now we do double shifts – you cook and clean up on your night.”

“My partner likes to pull my toes and make them crack.”

“I often have the best conversations with my boyfriend in the bathroom while I’m peeing and he’s brushing his teeth. A combination many have told me is nutty, but my god it makes for a lovely heart to heart – even if it’s for a minute!”

“My stepdaughter recently pointed out to us that we’re weird because we often fight over who wants to do the dishes.” 

If after reading these confessions you too start to consider your own relationship’s quirks, then the Sealed Section podcast is perfect for you. Post continues after audio.

“The first in the bathroom applies toothpaste to both brushes, and then we brush together and when someone leans over the sink to rinse, it’s fair game to pinch their bum. Every. Night.”

“One of our strange couple behaviours that freaks some people is that I cut my husband’s toenails. He has a terrible habit of peeling his nails rather than cutting them. He is a FIFO who works long shifts wearing boots and thick socks, which makes his nails worse. So over time, I’ve started filing, buffing and applying a nail treatment to his toenails. He loves being pampered.”


“Whoever gets in the shower first has to knock on the wall when they’re ready to get out and then the other goes and hops in. We leave the water on. We also use the time to chat and share about our day.”

“It’s not Megan Trainor level, but my partner and I always announce when we are heading to the toilet. It’s often a, 'heads up, I’m off for a number two'. We also have 'night madness times' after the kids have gone to bed where we are both feeling silly and we’ll try to scare or trick each other."

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