Introducing conversation underwear. You need these in your wardrobe.

Are you a little bit shy? Do you ever find it hard to start awkward conversations with your significant other?

Boy, do we have the solution for you.

They’re called Conversation Underwear and they were invented by an American brand called What Would Your Mother Do. I think they might have been inspired by those Victoria’s Secret panties that say things like “bite me!” and “take a peek!”. Only these undies… have very, very different messages. (Please refer back to the brand name for an indication as to why.)

Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

1. The “Not tonight”

According to the brand’s website, these undies exist because “sometimes you just want your partner to know, it’s not a good night.”

So. You know that moment when you’re both in bed, and your partner might roll towards you and do that sneaky feel, or a kiss that signifies exactly what he thinks the two of you might be getting up to?

And maybe you’ve just started your period, or maybe you have a headache that’s trying to kill you, or maybe you haven’t shaved your legs… but for whatever reason you just don’t really feel like it?

Well. The happy news is, you no longer need to actually say that to your partner. You just need to show him the waistband of your underwear and he’ll get the message loud and clear! Awkward conversation avoided. Happy days for everybody.

The best thing about the “not tonight” undies are that they come with a matching shirt. For double the effectiveness in getting the message across! Heck, you can even wear it around casually and then everyone will know exactly what you’re doing that night. I.e. not having sex.

2. The “Zip it”

We think these might have been designed for sharing the abstinence message amongst all them teenage boys and girls. Because when all those hormones are raging, you sometimes just need a cute, sloganed shirt-and-panty combo to remind you what’s what.


Mothers, rush out to buy these for your daughters. We’re sure that any teenage boy, lost in the heat of the moment, would stop to look at the “Zip it!” message and say, “You know what? Your panties have a point. Let me just put it back in my pants for now.”

3. The “Make wise choices”

Invented for those who cannot have their mothers following them around everywhere, reminding them to make wise choices. This might also be helpful for anyone who has a large group of irresponsible friends. Instead of actually having conversations about their reckless behaviour – why not just wear the matching t-shirt while they’re around? We are sure it will prompt them to indeed “make wise choices”.

4. The “dream on”

See that? That’s an actual promo that the brand posted on their blog and Facebook page.

You know what? You might actually know people who have trouble keeping admirers away on Valentine’s Day. You might also know people who have trouble keeping admirers away every other day too. But somehow, we don’t think the solution is to buy them a pair of undies with “dream on” printed across the waistband. We’re sure they would indeed “get the message across”… but maybe talking to them would also assist.

EDITOR’S NOTE NO. 1: As ridiculous as we think the above undie/t-shirt combinations are – the brand’s site does actually have some other clothing available with important messaging. We especially appreciate the consent-based wear, including t-shirts that say “Ask First” and “Assume Nothing“. They’re available for both boys and girls.

EDITOR’S NOTE NO. 2: This is not a sponsored post. We’re just fascinated by the concept of conversation underwear. Promise.

What do you think of conversation underwear? Could you use any of these in your wardrobe?